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We are excited about the calves being born this year (2017) at Wiens Wagyu. We have put in a lot of time, and consulted with some of the best in Wagyu genetics, to come up with what we think will be genetically the best herd we could possibly have.

Our goal right now is to have the best genetics to produce outstanding cows that will mother healthy high marbling calves for many years to come. To do this, we are following one of the best Japanese wagyu breeders, Shogo Tekada, way of breeding by mating a high marbling animal with a good mothering and larger framed animal. That is a super simplified version of his method, but in the end it gets us a well balanced offspring with enough heterosis (hybrid vigor) in the different blood lines to give us healthy high performing cattle.

Every single embryo that is put into our cows have a specific purpose and a thought out intentional mating. We look at the pedigree of the maternal and paternal (called Sire and Dam in Cattle) mating back several generations to see if they will be a good match.  


For example Our first Embryo calf that was born this morning (4-22-17) was Sired by TBR Yasukaneko 1074X. He was sired by the famous Fukutsuru-068 bull who is Perhaps the most famous sire in U.S. history for marbling and ribeye area. He has Sanjirou on the maternal side making 1074X a very high marbling bull from the Tajima line of cattle where Kobe beef comes from.


The maternal side of that embryo calf was Sired by TF147 Itsoshigefuji who is a huge bull with good milking and foraging traits and has TF148 Itoshigenami on the maternal side who is a very Large %75 Tajime bull. This 1 day old embryo calf has a bright future with some powerful genetics backing him up.


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