Fullblood Black Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

  • $10.27

Fullblood Black Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak 12 OZ

Coming from the center of the chuck, these steaks have as much flavor as the ribeye. While it is not as tender as the ribeye, seared and sliced thin across the grain, you will love this cut. Lovingly called ‘the poor-man's ribeye’ you won't feel poor eating our Chuck Eye Steak. This versatile cut can be seared and brought to a beautiful medium rare or seared and braised for a fall apart personal Sunday roast. In terms of flavor, our Fullblood Black Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak is as good as it gets.

Each order includes 1, 12 OZ steak.

Shipping Info:

  • Frozen in 5-mil vacuum packaging.

  • Product ships frozen and will arrive in 2-3 business days frozen or partially thawed.

  • Ships on Monday. Orders placed after 6pm Saturday will ship a week from Monday.