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Wagyu Angus Cross Cheddar Beef Brats (Fully Cooked)

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Wagyu Angus Cross Cheddar Beef Brats Fully Cooked 1 lb

Made with our Wagyu Angus Cross Ground Beef, these Cheddar Brats are sure to please the pickiest eater. Melting Cheddar, combined with our delicious wagyu beef you will not be disappointed. Perfect for the backyard Barbecue, Our wagyu brats raise the bar at any event you are hosting. We make these in 3 Flavors: Fresh, Cheddar and Jalapeno

Cooked Brats vs Uncooked Brats

My initial thought about Cooked brats vs Fresh is ‘no way’ I want fresh (Fresh in sausages terms means raw). 

If it's a little more work but it tastes better I will always choose a little more work. I'm a sausage guy at heart but after trying our Cooked brats these are a great option for a couple of reasons. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy Fresh Brats 

Here's why I like our cooked Brats. Our cooked brats were brought to the perfect temperature so they didn't lose their juiciness and are much easier to cook. You only need to warm them up. These brats are perfect. Another benefit to these is that they are ideal ingredients to spice up any recipe you have. We love to put it on pizza or cubed for the perfect wagyu bolognese 

These cooked brats have no casing for those who don't like the snap. 

Each order includes 1, 16 OZ package with 5 brats in each package.

Shipping Info:

  • Frozen in 5-mil vacuum packaging.

  • Product ships frozen and will arrive in 2-3 business days frozen or partially thawed.

  • Ships on Mondays to ensure your order does not sit over the weekend.