Responsibly Raised

Our Cattle Maintain a High Level of Welfare From Birth to Butcher.

Responsibly Pasture Raised

 Our calves are born in the buffalo grass prairie of Southwest Kansas. Buffalo grass, is full of nutrients and high in protein, keeping our momma cows happy year round. Our calves stay with their moms on grass for the first 5 or 6 months of their life. We slowly wean our calves off their moms by introducing an all natural starter feed with probiotics, created by our nutritionist who specializes in the Wagyu breed. This feed replaces the calories from their mothers' milk and helps slowly change their rumen to a plant-based diet. Once they are eating enough starter feed and do not need their mothers, we put them in neighboring pastures so they can touch noses as they both learn to live independent of each other.

Responsibly Grown

After Weaning, our cattle are slowly grown to 800 lbs. In the summer, they reach that weight grazing our pastures. In the winter, the grass is less abundant and nutritious, so they are fed high-quality wheat hay or sudan grass hay from our farm with local distillers grain and corn or wheat or sorghum grain from our farm if possible.

Responsibly Finished

Once they reach 800 lbs we start our cattle on a finishing ration. During this time, our cattle are kept in spacious well-maintained pens with fresh clean water from the Ogallala aquifer. They are kept out of the Kansas wind by a cedar shelter belt, and they always have shade from the surrounding elm trees and shade shelters. They enjoy daily massages from repurposed street sweeper brushes around the pen. Pens are routinely cleaned and snow is promptly removed. High-quality wheat hay from our farm is always available. They are fed a ration of mixed grains with the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Our ration is prescribed by Dr. Jimmy Horner, who knows the Wagyu breed and their unique nutritional needs very well. We finish our cattle slowly allowing them to put weight on naturally. Our cattle are around 30 months old at butcher compared to 18 months in typical cattle. Our goal is to remove as much stress in their lives as possible. We know that if we treat them right we will be rewarded with the highest quality beef possible.

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