Fullblood Wagyu Jerky

  • $7.50

This tasty snack is a great quick, on the go, staple in your cupboard.

Try all our flavors:

Beef Jerky- A Classic Jerky, salty and dry this is a great choice for the jerky lover

Mild Beef Jerky- Less seasoning, Mild in Spice and Flavor. 

Hot Beef Jerky- Nice and Hot great for the person to loves a little spice in their Jerky --Bradons Favorite!

Sweet Peppered Beef Jerky- Sweet with coarsely ground fresh pepper this jerky is a little moister and chewy --Rachael's Favorite! 

Each Order contains a 3 OZ Package of Jerky 

Shipping Info:

  • Frozen in 5-mil vacuum packaging.

  • Product ships frozen and will arrive in 2-3 business days frozen or partially thawed.

  • Ships on Mondays to ensure your order does not sit over the weekend.