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Concerning COVID-19: (Updated 12/20)

Concerning this difficult time, we want you to know how COVID-19 is affecting our ranch and our customers.

We will continue to ship our beef straight from our ranch to your door. 

We believe we have some of the safest beef you can get! Here is why: 

Our beef is stored on our remote ranch away from busy supermarkets and urban areas.

All orders are packed by myself and my wife 

All our beef is raised on our ranch where I personally see to the care and well-being of our animals their whole life. 

Our cattle are butchered under The most strict USDA regulations in a top-notch facility and immediately frozen at peak freshness.

While you are adjusting to a new normal you may consider some of our options below to support our Ranch. 

1. Boost morale with the ultimate comfort food Wagyu. Shop our Beef

2. Write Reviews of our Products in our Store. Under Product> Scroll to bottom> Write a review.

3. Watch all our videos on our YouTube channel. Views and likes help us get the word out about our ranch  

Thank you for everything,
-Bradon and Rachael Wiens

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