FAQs - Wiens Wagyu

Wiens Wagyu (FAQ)

What is the Difference Between Fullblood Wagyu and American Wagyu?

Fullblood Wagyu are cattle whose DNA are 100% Wagyu breed and should be DNA verified to insure authenticity. American Wagyu are cattle who are crossbred with wagyu. They are at least 50% Wagyu and crossed with any other breed of cattle. At Wiens Wagyu we only raise 100% Fullblood Black Wagyu that are DNA verified. We can trace our Genetics back 6 generations to prized Japanese cattle.

Why is Wagyu Beef so expensive?

Many factors play into the role of why Wagyu Beef costs more than other breeds of beef. The main factor is input cost, Wagyu cattle were not bred for efficiency like other breeds of cattle. For example when compared to Angus cattle, Wagyu cattle are fed at least twice as long before butchering which means they have ate much more food. Also Fullblood Wagyu are hard to come by and starting a Fullblood Wagyu herd is expensive if done right.

Why is Wiens Wagyu beef so inexpensive?

This may be a question we get more often then why Wagyu is expensive. The reason why we are so inexpensive for verified Fullblood Black Wagyu is that we don't have the middle man cost of selling our product. We sell direct to our customers. Our cattle are Fullblood Black Wagyu DNA Verified and registered through the American Wagyu Association it really is the real deal. We are not exporting any beef from Japan. We are raising Wagyu right on our Ranch. 

How long do you Dry-Age?

We dry-age 21-28 days. The benefit of dry-aging is that by removing some moisture in the dry-aging process, you intensify the overall flavor the beef. We believe this really adds to the flavor of our beef. It is quite delicious and sets us apart from other beef producers. 

Do you ship to my Home?

We do! We ship to all the US states except Hawaii and Alaska. We cannot ship outside the USA. We ship in Foam coolers with Dry Ice. Your Wagyu will arrive frozen or partially thawed ready to thaw in the fridge or put back in the freezer for another date. 

Are Your Animals Humanely Butchered? 

Yes! We take great care from Birth to Butcher that every day is a good day in the life of our cattle. That is one of the exciting parts of our job is that we can make sure every aspect of their lives is low-stress and comfortable. Low stress is good for them and us. They live great lives and they give us great Beef. Our slaughtering facility is USDA inspected, monitored and known for humane practices.